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Potomac Electric has supported Baldor servomotor and drive electronics for 20 years. Over the years products have became obsolete and customers have asked us to make replacements. Most are custom made. You can find more under the Replacements by Industry tab. Replacements save a lot of money in machine maintenance and avoid costly retrofits.

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Baldor familyPotomac Electric Replacement
ASR Servotron Servoamplifier THM, TSM Contact factory
ACU DC Servoamplifiers AMP2003
BSM  motor series M5400
BDS, BSC  servoamplifier USD series
4 inch DC servomotor M4000 family
3 inch DC servomotor M3000 family

The list of Baldor AC and DC servo motors and drives we support is constantly growing as we identify the needs of our customers. We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost pressure in maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note at our Contact Us page with any questions.

Some of the Baldor servo motors and drives may be in our Parts Inventory so contact us with any inquiries for small lot production.