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Potomac Electric has worked with EG&G Torque Systems(later CMC Torque Systems and now ITT Torque Systems) for many years.  We have provided repair services. Over the years products have became obsolete and customers have asked us to make replacements. A number of Form, Fit, and Function replacements are in the table below. You can find more under the Replacements by Industry tab. Replacements save a lot of money in machine maintenance and avoid costly retrofits.

Contact us. We may have already solved your problem!


EG&G Torque System P/NPotomac Electric P/N
MTE3528T00M200TAG MTE3238.CF
MTE3528-445CF MTE3238.CF
MH3528-117C MXX3234.BX
ME3515-224D MXE3147.BX
MTE3528-415BG MTE3241.BG
MTE3528-437BG MTE3241.BG
MTE3528-439BG MTE3241.BG
MTE3528-508BG MTE3243.BG
MTE3528-440BG MTE3243.BG
MT3528-297CF MTE3246.CF
ME3528-497F PE-ME3528-497F
MR3505-219S MXR3144.AX
MT2615-102BE MTX3145.AE
MT4225-154 MXX4126.CX
MT4025-128CE MTX4129.BE
MT4225-105CE MTX4129.BE
CSR402CNP072 MTE4229.CF
CSR402CNP072 MTE4239.CF
CSR402CNP072 MTE4246.CF
ME4257-118E MXE4249.EX
MT5130-003CE MTX4228.CE
MT5130-076CE MTX4216.CE
MTB4102-103D2F MTB4130.CF
MT4225-154 MXE4128.BX
MT7070 M5400

The list of EG&G Torque Systems servo motors and drives we support is constantly growing as we identify the needs of our customers. We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost pressure in maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note at our Contact Us page with any questions.

Some of the EG&G Torque Systems servo motors and amplifiers may be in our Parts Inventory so contact us with any inquiries for small lot production.