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Universal Instruments Repair, Refurbishment, and Replacements

Potomac Repair Services offers 20 years of experience in servomotor and servodrive repairs for Universal Instruments machines. We also manufacture and design Form, Fit and Function replacement parts.

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Universal Instruments is a world leader in providing equipment and technologies for circuit, semiconductor and back-end assembly in the sphere of electronics. For over 15 years, Potomac Electric has been proud to support end users in semiconductor assembly by repairing and refurbishing hundreds of Universal Instruments servo motors, drives, and power supplies.

We pride ourselves in saving our customers money in maintaining and running of current and obsolete machinery. Please review the extensive list of the Universal Instruments part numbers we support. Potomac Electric is also continuously working on developing replacements for obsolete or very expensive parts. We will update the list as the replacements become available. The list below shows the parts we currently repair and refurbish.

Machine Builder Part #Potomac Electric Part #
40154601Repair only
42418104Repair only
VCD-2367Repair only
42506700Repair only
40968801Repair only
VCD-3613Repair only
43552501Repair only
46758201Repair only
46757801Repair only
46323202Repair only
46445102Repair only
47585301Repair only
47627701Repair only
CYMC-82700-731Repair only
46992201Repair only
42001803Repair only
42001802Repair only
46056801Repair only
46056901Repair only
46970201Repair only
46970202Repair only
46445200Repair only
48216301Repair only
23749 (drawing num)Repair only
44413901Repair only
42127101Repair only
42062001Repair only
14573000Repair only
42321901Repair only
40051001Repair only
41436501Repair only
42506701Repair only
46758101Repair only
42001803Repair only
41132405Repair only
41132407Repair only
11467000Repair only
46054001Repair only
VCD-4592Repair only
47407801Repair only
13570000Repair only
46054001Repair only
46758201Repair only
44319301Repair only
30109000Repair only
40154601Repair only

The list of servo motors we support is constantly growing as we identify the needs of our customers. We are a small business and we understand the difficulty and cost pressure in maintaining the machinery. Please drop us a note at our Inquiry and Quotes page with any questions.

Part numbers that do not appear in this list may be in our Parts Inventory so contact us with any inquiries for small lot production.