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Servo Motor And Servo Drive Repair And Replacement

Since 1993, Potomac Electric Repair Services has been a leader in helping OEM machine builders, retrofitters, distributors, and machine shops to save money on servo motor repairs, rebuilts, and replacements of servo control equipment. So if you're looking for servo motor repairs in Massachusetts, California, Michigan, China, Vietnam, or elsewhere, visit our pages below for more repair services information:

Servo Motor Repair by Industry

What if the part can't be repaired? The unique strength of our company is that we are also a servo motor and servo drive manufacturer. We constantly design direct replacements for the servo motors that are no longer available or too costly. These form, fit, and function replacements are more reliable and have a higher performance because they are designed with today's technology. Click on the following page to see our constantly growing list of servo motor and servo drive replacements:

If you are an OEM or an end user looking to support a large number of automation equipment, facing long lead times, high prices, or obsolescence, drop us a note at our page below with any questions. Perhaps we have solved your problem already!